Making An Entrance With Specialist Door Installations

As the focal point of a home, your door installation can really set the tone for guests and visitors. With a range of different styles to choose from, there are endless design possibilities to match your property’s architecture and garden theme. If you’re considering a new door, and you want to know what options are available, check out this useful article to find out more.

The Different Kinds Of Door Installations

As mentioned previously, a door should match the style and décor of your home. With this in mind, it’s important to understand the different kinds of door installations available. Fortunately, these days there’s a wide array of different designs, textures and sizes to match your needs, which we’ve outlined below:

Timber, Aluminum Or Composite?

Different materials create a different atmosphere when it comes to bespoke door installations. A timber door is reminiscent of an old, rustic cottage or farmhouse, which provides a warm and welcoming entrance to your home. Contrastingly, aluminium can be a bit colder, but more sleek. These kinds of doors match perfectly with a modern, contemporary home with sharp edges and striking features. 

Composite, on the other hand, is the perfect middle ground. It can be any colour you like and helps to bridge the gap between sleek and modern and warm and rustic. Whichever you choose, be sure to opt for the style that complements your property’s aesthetic.

different types of door installation

The Benefits Of Bespoke Door Installations

Not only does a brand new door installation complement the style of your home, but it also adds security, thermal efficiency and longevity, too. A high-quality door will be much more secure than a run-of-the-mill counterpart off the shelf. It can also seal your home much more efficiently, to help trap warm air and reduce energy bills. What’s more, a bespoke installation will stand the test of time, keeping your property warm, secure and looking good for years to come.

How Long Will A High-Quality Door Last?

The quality of your door will be the defining factor in how long it lasts. Therefore, opting for a high quality door installation is a must if you want to save yourself long term cost, and avoid the hassle of replacing your entranceway. On average, a door that’s installed correctly and maintained, should last you at least 30 years.

Get In Touch With Torfaen Glazing For Quality Door Installations

If you’re looking for a new set of quality door installations, then contact Torfaen Glazing. Our team are well-versed and qualified so you can be confident in the standard of our work. To find out more, give a call today.


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